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Changewind's Ink
7th-Jul-2011 04:32 pm
Apologies for the long time between blog updates.

This time I've got some random doodles from work, usually done when I'm bored or stressed at work, which is probably why they end up with a lot more energy than most of my finished work.

A random bird-like creature done during a long lecture.

A basilisk-like dragon, one of those waiting for files to upload doodles.

Some rather random images, including a lithe horse-deer creature.

Another set of doodles done while waiting for files to upload. This included the bird-headed horse.

I seem to default to dragons a lot. I tried replicating this image at home in a more easy-to-read sketch, but it lost some of the vibrancy that's in this one. Little bit of a rage day. 

Weird phrases are from an NPR segment on how physical penmanship vs typing on the computer helps your brain grow.

This guy developed out of a lot of nervous, stressed energy while working on the summer exhibit.

I had garlic on my mind.

Just thought it was interesting how this one developed from random scribbling near the face and I like the owl. I'm considering refining this one and doing a digital painting. 

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, I've got a new post and a new mural painting up at my other blog.
11th-Jul-2011 03:55 am (UTC)
Hee hee, garlic creature. I like the bird horse thing. Drawings in the blue pen look neat.
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