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More melting of self over David Tennant

Oh my freaking jeez! Someone get me this poster! XDDD It's a possibility it'll turn up at Comic Con. B-day prezzie any of you CC goers? ;p
The rest of the Fright Night movie looks cheezy and silly, but I'm going for him. :D

On a more neutral tone, I have to say that I'm glad David Tennant moved on from playing the Doctor, as you can see above, he's doing well for himself outside of Doctor Who, and I'm loving Matt Smith as 11. Loved the end of Season 5, which had a lot of good episodes and even the worst ones (Vampires of Venice, The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood) were tolerable. I rewatched the season since the library had a copy and the season as a whole was worth the rewatch. I'm loving Steven Moffat as a showrunner; most of Russell T Davies best episodes were written by Steven. And Season 6 is shaping up quite well, of which the low point was the 2 parter "The Rebel Flesh"/"The Almost People" and "The Curse of the Black Spot" were broken up by the high point of the season so far "The Doctor's Wife" by Neil Gaiman. Are there any more ways to love Neil Gaiman as a writer? because I'm rarely disappointed by anything he does.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled blog updates.
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