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Into the Wild

Went on a couple of camping trips this year to some amazing places. Very similar to the camping trips I went on last year. You can see some of the watercolor sketches I did here.

This also means I missed pre-registration for Comic Con next year, so hopefully I can get in on a friend's professional ticket as a guest. I highly doubt the public purchase tickets are going to be easy to pick up. Gotta wait until next year to find out a) if any one of them is going and b) if any one of them has a spare guest pass though.

Last year we went to Anacapa Island, which was a really small, relatively flat island, about 1.5-2 miles long. Camping conditions were fairly primitive with pit toilets and needing to carry your own water in. The worst thing was the wind that kept me up most of the night. Highlight was seeing a Peregrine Falcon flying overhead.

This year, we went to Santa Cruz Island and while there were still pit toilets, the water was potable so we didn't have to carry any water in. This island is a lot longer, about 13 miles across. I went on a few hikes, the longest one being an 8 mile round trip hike to the Montoñon Ridge and the radio tower. Lots of family groups there and all the camping was down in the canyons so we didn't have problems with wind this year. We also saw a lot of island foxes. Most of them shyly haunted the campsites and we could see eyeshines all around at night.

One of the other trips I did last year was to Joshua Tree to see the Perseides meteor shower. Last year, there was a full moon and we didn't get to see much. It was much better this year with a cresent moon and there were some impressive long, streaky meteors that crossed the sky. One person in the group also brought a high-powered telescope and we got to see Saturn just before it set behind the hills.

I'm always impressed by how beautiful it is out away from the city. Amazing colors, amazing views, and an amazing time!

This past week, I've been working on a piece to include in the Kickstarted comic anthology One Drop, which is now funded. Look for it at APE or other upcoming California conventions! Bit of a procrastinated project that I started on last Sunday, but today I turned the one page illustration in, so this means I get to sleep tonight! It turned out a little too saturated and I didn't leave a lot of white space, but it still looks pretty good.

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