Next up: ComicCon

Albeit, only for Thursday, as they sold out of the other days before I got around to buying a ticket. Will be spending the rest of the weekend in SD with various friends. I am considering heading to Wondercon instead next year for a less hectic insane crowd.

Meanwhile, had a fun the past couple of weekends with an annual trip to Northern California for the student show, "Illustrating Nature" and fun times with V. Also went to the JPL open house this past Saturday for the first time, geeking out with a couple of old coworkers. None of the normal sleeping in on weekends, but the fun was worth it.

Now that the garden signs for work are out and up, I plan on posting up the plant drawings and other illustrations from it on my blog soon, so stay tuned for that.
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Life Imitating Art?

Work is surreal at times. Sometimes, I think work doesn't know what to do with me because my position was created by my former boss who doesn't work here anymore. Also, I'm probably a lot more forgiving about what I do than someone with more experience/fame/ego would be.

Yesterday was both amusing and odd, as I ended up painting carpet. The color came in wrong from the vendor for the logo embossed on the carpet. It came as a sickly yellow green instead of a turquoise-teal, so I ended up taking some acrylic house paint to go over the fibers on the carpet. I felt a bit like the playing cards in Alice in Wonderland who had to paint the white roses read or else, "Off with their heads!"
I don't think I've ever intentionally painted carpet before. The result was a slight gradient one the edges of the teal-turquoise color since I couldn't get the paint into the smaller crevices of the carpet fiber near the thinner ends of the logo. It turned out better than I thought it would for painted carpet and everyone's happy with how it looks.

Here's something more in line with the more serious side of work, the latest completed project, a sail-like banner for Shark Lagoon.

My grandmother's doing better today. She's now in the Recovery room and complaining about the noise there and not being able to go home due to the doctor's orders.
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Bleah, bleah, and more bleah

Ergghhh, sick.
Weirdest thing about this particular form of flu/cold is the burning in the eyes. Staring into the monitor is slightly difficult. Can't do it for long. At work now and not terribly coherent/present. Spent the last two days off work in a sleep/drugged state. Can't really see why a 1 degree increase in temperature wreaks this much havoc. Thought it would be okay today, but nope, still unfocused and vague. Hoping to get over this soon.

Only good thing so far is that I got my Maw!
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Christmas Stuff

And now for something completely different--
Didn't point to my UnChristmas electronic greeting in time for Christmas, but did put it up in time. Also, here's some slightly disturbing holiday cubicle decorations . . .

For more cheerful stuff, I've also put up the entirety of the mini 2"x2" canvas gifts I finished this year. You can see them here.

Happy Holidays all!
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Beyond Obsession and Horribly Infatuated

Ah sorry, LJ. I promised to post some sketches, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I've scanned some of them in, but, as many of you may know, my current infatuation with all things Doctor Who and David Tennant has taken over my life. I can probably blame Kimbo and my local library for this. I go to pick up Series 4 from the library later today! You don't know how incredibly giddy this makes me. This is worse than my Andrew Bird obsession, mostly because David Tennant has much more of a media presence and it seems there is no end to what I can find.

For some stuff to hold you over, here's some more work art.
I have nice watercolor sketches from the zoo, contour line-sketches from an Andrew Bird concert back in February, but that will have to come later.
Currently working on a 2nd David Tennant as Doctor Who pencil portrait. First one wasn't very successful and went into the Scraps section of my Deviantart page. Second one, I am confident, looks a lot more like him, but I won't really be able to tell until I put it up and have other people look at it. Also working on finishing a piece I started from Kimbo's b-day Trail of Stars.

Waiting for the Amazon box to come with new CDs and books.
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Blog Action Day 2009: One person's effect on climate change

It is exciting to know that at least our current President is willing to take a stance on and do something about climate change. However, all it takes for one person to have a positive effect on climate change, is to be conscious of how our own actions affect the world around us and to have willing partners in the desire to change our ways.
In my own ways, I have tried to become more green by taking the train to work despite the fact that it takes twice as long as driving, carpooling as often as possible, recycling, and using CF bulbs. Unfortunately I don't yet own a hybrid gas efficiency level car, but I do own a Honda Fit, which does get some decent mileage and is a partial zero emissions vehicle.
I am also lucky to work for a place that cares about climate change. At the Aquarium of the Pacific, our newest classroom was recently Platinum LEED certified with green features such as running off solar power, a floor made of flyash, and grey water used to water the greenroof, which has local and drought tolerant plants. In addition, the Aquarium was recently awarded the Super Nova Star Award by the Alliance to Save Energy for being "the most energy efficient business with annual revenues under $50 million." Through education and the Green Team, the Aquarium takes the extra effort to help the public and its staff understand the ways people can change their habits to keep climate change from becoming a bigger problem. 
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Audio Visual and a New Bird

Went biking around the Santa Fe Dam today and walked some of the nature trails. It's a good place to spot quail, though only in the distance today. However, I did see a bird species I haven't before, the Cactus Wren, which strangely does sound like a car engine that won't start, as they described on the Nature Center signage.

Also, decided to get involved in K's idea of drawing to a song within the songs time limit. I have a limited playlist on my iPod shuffle, so I did this with iTunes. I did cheat though and skip one song though that I didn't want to hear, mostly because I haven't even heard some of the stuff I have on my iTunes. But otherwise, I followed the rules. :D
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Ad nauseum on the subject of a particular Bird

Mostly reviewing one of the CDs I got today.
So I finally broke down today and bought the deluxe edition of  Noble Beast by Andrew Bird. I also got The Boy with No Name by Travis to listen to on my journey up north for my annual sojourn to the Illustrating Nature show opening.
So, having listened to Useless Creatures, part of the deluxe edition, it's not quite what I expected. There's a few songs I like, though songs is a strong word for the instrumental tracks on Useless Creatures. I was expecting more of "The Supine" from Armchair Apocrypha, but the tracks are more of an experimental, discordant sound environment, but I suspect it will grow on me. Now, my biggest complaint about Andrew Bird is that he outclasses himself with his live concerts. I was debating for the longest time whether to get Noble Beast or not because from the sample tracks on Amazon, I could tell that the songs on the CD were nowhere near the tracks I enjoyed in their live incarnations. There's a live concert on NPR's All Songs Considered podcast if you're wondering what I'm talking about. The tracks on the CD are more restrained and some of the things I love the most about the songs are missing, such as the beautiful violin intro to "Natural Disaster" or just the more subdued tone, and lower notes he sings "Natural Disaster" with on the CD. I suspect they will grow on me in time too, as they are still good songs, just not as good as the live versions.

Meanwhile, the mural I've been working on is close to a point where I can declare it done. There's still a lot of touching up I can do, but I'll give it just one more day, because I have to start on the next one to be in time for summer . . . Erg, what craziness work sometimes is.

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Sketches and Obsessions

Been working on a mural lately, of which the computer mockup can be found here along with a photo of an older mural that I did for work. I've forgotten how physically draining it is to work on a mural. Always ready for food and bed these days. Going on four weeks now and it's still not done. Probably another week'll need to be thrown in. The actual painted mural is in some ways better, in some ways the same, and in many ways different from the computer version.
Meanwhile, been obsessing over Andrew Bird, who makes a great backdrop for the painting of this endless mural, a nice soothing voice and sound to cover up the sounds of screaming kids . . . Now I want to own more (or all) of his albums, even the obscure ones. Cannot get enough of "The Trees Were Mistaken" from the Soldier On EP, which can be found here virus-free. O.o
As promised eons ago, here are a few sketches. Will post more as time permits. These are some watercolor sketches from the various places I've been over the last year.

Hairspray stage from my visit to M in NY last February.
Really would like to see NY again sometime soon.

Max Brenner from the same NY trip. A cookie jar while waiting for delicious chocolate
decadence to arrive. Also some jelly beans and a random dragon from a later sketch

A seascape on my way up to the Illustrating Nature show in Santa Cruz by Amtrak.

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